2 Important Pieces Of Survival Training Equipment You Will Be Taught To Use During Training

Posted on: 23 November 2016

If you are going through a survival training course, it is going to be essential that you have the proper equipment. Having this equipment and knowing how to use it properly is going to allow you to successfully get through the survival training course, which will teach you a great deal. It can also help you to survive in a real life survival situation, which is of course the goal of the training course. This article will discuss 2 important pieces of survival training equipment. 

Survival Kit

During your survival training, you will also be given a survival kit. This kit is generally located within a backpack, making it easier for you to carry it around. This kit is going to contain all of the basic essentials that you need in order to survive for around 3 days. The kit will include things like food, water, blankets, rain gear, a knife, gloves, a flashlight, a radio, light sticks, duct tape, medical and first aid supplies, medicine, and other things of this nature. During your course you will be shown several situations where these tools can be used, thus allowing you to feel more prepared if you need to use them in a real survival situation. You will be shown how to cook some of the food with the most basic supplies, how to start a fire, different uses for the duct tape, how to properly bandage different wounds, and several other uses for the equipment that you have. 

Life Rafts 

One piece of equipment that you are going to need to use during your survival training course is a life raft. This is an inflatable raft that you can carry with you and inflate when circumstances require it. During your training course, you will learn how to properly inflate and steer the life raft so that you can protect yourself in a real emergency. The raft will also come with a life jacket and an emergency breathing device. Both of these items can help you to survive if your raft happens to deflate on you and are also going to be incredibly helpful in a real survival situation. Because of this, you will be shown how to properly carry, use, and store them. You will also likely be required to carry all of these things around with you along with all your other survival supplies to help simulate a real survival experience. 

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