2 Camping Accessories To Consider For Your Next Trip

Posted on: 15 August 2016

Camping is a great way to get away from the modern world and simply unwind and recharge with your friends and family. Since camping is such a popular and enjoyable activity, there are a very large number of camping accessories that can make your camping trip more enjoyable or convenient. Listed below are two camping accessories to consider for your next trip.

Camping Toilet

One of the most useful camping accessories to consider is a camping toilet. A major benefit provided by a camping toilet is that it is typically quite light and portable, which makes it very easy to transport to your campsite and easily deploy it when it needs to be used. In many cases, these camping toilets will be manufactured from plastic or aluminum and have a bag in place to make disposing of your waste much easier.

Another benefit to these camping toilets is that many of them utilize a chemical powder within the disposal bags that will eliminate the odor from the waste and break it down. This is a nice feature as you will not have to worry about a fellow camper relieving themselves too close to camp and exposing you to the smell.

In addition, once the waste is broken down, you do not need to find a bathroom or other disposal site for the waste as it can simply be thrown into any garbage can. A portable toilet option is also a great way to make a nervous camper more comfortable by allowing them to sit higher off the ground while relieving themselves, which is not only more comfortable than squatting in the bushes but also helps to get them away from any pests that may be scuttling along the ground.  


Another camping accessory that can greatly improve the camping experience for many individuals is a cot. This option will provide you with a lightweight and collapsible sleeping surface that can get you off of the ground. This is very useful as it is very unlikely that you will find a perfectly level and soft spot to make your campsite on, which can lead to pain and insufficient sleep due to the uneven surface. 

In addition, many campers are paranoid about snakes, insects, or spiders getting into the tent and biting them. However, a cot can make those campers more comfortable because it will lift you off the ground while you are asleep and vulnerable, thus putting you out of the immediate reach of many of the aforementioned pests.

Visit your local camping supply or sporting goods store today in order to see the wide range of camping accessories that are available to you. A camping toilet and cot can make your next camping trip both more comfortable and convenient. Check out a company like Blackpine Sports to get started.